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Rate and cost information for private events


Weddings and receptions

A 50 percent deposit is required upon signing contract with the remainder due 14 days prior to scheduled event.

Friday-Saturday wedding rate: $5,000 (+$2,500 for additional reception)
Monday-Thursday rate: $3,000 (+$1,500 for additional reception)


Reception only

Friday-Saturday reception: $5,000
Monday-Thursday reception: $2,500


Open and cash bar options

The Lucas Theatre extends the option of a cash bar, with a minimum requirement of $500. The cash bar minimum is based on the Lucas Theatre providing two to three bartenders and selling our stock beer and wine to guests. If the minimum isn't met, the final invoice will reflect the difference owed. There is also the possibility of obtaining a one-day liquor license with a $25 fee for the city permit and a $25 fee for the state permit. We can work on this with your caterer.


Minimum staffing rates

House manager: $200
Security: (minimum four hours) $200
Housekeeping: $200
Technical staff: $400


All rates are subject to change based on the scope of your particular event.

No live flame is allowed in any space within the building.


Photo and film shoots

All photo and film shoots will incur a minimum cost of $750, covering use of the building for four hours. In addition to the base cost, labor costs will be factored in depending on the extent of the shoot. Call 912.525.5040 for more information regarding film and photo shoots in the Lucas.

To schedule any SCAD student film and photo shoots, contact Sheila Bolda, programming director for Trustees Theater, at [email protected].

Remember: Every event is different and will incur costs according to the show's needs.